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What Makes a Good Charity – The NPC Report

Think NPC, the charity think tank and consultant have produced a 70 page report to try to answer the question, what makes a good charity?

It is a question that we, at Ladbrook, often come face to face with as we represent the best of our clients to insurance underwriters and ultimately seek better insurance terms in response to evidencing strong governance and a healthy culture.

The report (probably reflecting the organisations that the NPC most commonly work with) is probably most suited to mid to larger size charities but there are some salient points throughout that will be useful to a wide range of organisations.

The report covers areas including:

  • The charities mission and purpose:  Does it have a good strategy?  Is it clear and do the activities reflect the goals?
  • Impact: Does the charity use information to improve? Does it have a robust approach to evaluation?
  • People: Is there strong leadership?  Is there a good organisational culture?
  • Finance & Operations: Is there solid financial and operational management and are there adequate resources?

There is also an assessment grid and template you can use for a health check on your own organisation.  If you are involved in the leadership of a third sector group, your management committee / trustees might find the report informative.

The Report: What Makes a Good Charity?

Authors: Ruth Gripper and Iona Joy