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Insurance Products for Charities

Our Charity Insurance Products – The diversity of activities across the third sector exposes different non profit organisations to a wide range of different risks.  If you are looking for a specific product, click on one of these links for more information.

Charity Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance will protect your organisation from financial losses suffered as a result of injury or loss to a third party

Charity Employers Liability

Charity Employers Liability Insurance protects the organisation in the event that you are found liable for injury by an employee.

Charity Professional Indemnity

Charity Professional Indemnity Insurance can protect your organisation against alleged losses from incorrect advice received from your organisation.

Trustees Indemnity Insurance

Protect your non profit organisation, trustees and management commitee against liability arising from a wrongful act by a trustee.

Charity Events Insurance

If your non profit organisation is running an event, we can discuss your insurance requirements and arrange insurance for a single event or as part of a wider package.

Charity Product Advice

Ladbrook can help you, assess the risks that your non profit organisation faces and the appropriate insurance solutions that might help mitigate those risks.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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