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Preparing for a Bonfire Night / Fireworks Display

Even though we are approaching the height of summer (someone should inform the British weather), many community groups around the UK will be starting to prepare for their bonfire nights in the autumn.

Bonfire and firework events require a lot of planning.  There are roles to be defined, local authorities to be consulted, risk assessments and emergency plans to be drawn up.

To act as an aide memoir for groups seeking to run a bonfire and firework night event, we have prepared an outline guide.  In it, we recommend further reading materials and it cannot be regarded as a comprehensive guide, particularly if you are setting up an event with an expected attendance of many thousands.

However, if your group are thinking about running a bonfire night, have a look at our attached guide.

The Bonfire and Firework Event Guide

Insurance for Bonfire and Fireworks Night