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NOVA Training Day: Introduction to Risk Management

On 10th August, Ladbrook held a training session with our umbrella group partner Nova Wakefield.  

Nova is the support agency for voluntary and community groups in the Wakefield district.  Ladbrook support Nova through a modest programme aiming to support, educate and provide knowledge around all things ‘risk management’ throughout the year.

This training session was designed as a basic course to refresh or introduce the subject of risk management to members.  Attendees included charities from the care sector and other charities that work with young or otherwise vulnerable service users.  The session was run under the Chatham House Rule to allow participants to share more easily real risk examples for open discussion.

After discussing the definition of risk, we looked at a famous historic case study, the Titanic!  That led neatly into a session on culture and the impact of this in the third sector on risk.  We moved on to introduce a basic risk model and further discuss risk that participants faced.

Feedback after the session was strong and we will be looking to support nova with other sessions later in the year.