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New Community Group Grant Opportunities

W H Smiths have a community grant scheme which many charity and voluntary groups will be interested in applying to.  The scheme is administered by the WHSmith Trust, the registered charity arm of the retail giant.  The charity already makes a large number of donations to schools and literacy projects and supports staff members in volunteering time to the third sector.  They also use part of their carrier bag levy to support tree planting in the UK but have now launched a grant scheme for local voluntary groups.

This scheme offers small grants of up to £500 to voluntary organisations, directly funded by the levy on plastic bags.  The bidding works in six month rounds with the next cut off being the 30th September 2017.

The scheme does not support groups of a faith, military or political background and only constituted groups can apply.  However, outside of this modest criteria, any group working to support their local community can apply.

Applications are fairly simple – there is an online submission which you can find here.  The review of applications at the end of six months takes place in under a month and cheques dispatched promptly.

If your community group is looking for a modest funding boost, it is a simple application and you have until 30th September in this current round to get your application in!

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