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Ladbrook Launch Community Library Product

We are delighted to announce the launch of our community library insurance product, specifically designed for groups running local library services that have come out of the council control.  Ladbrook have designed the policy in partnership with Hiscox, an insurer deeply committed to high quality service.

Many local library services are under threat from local authority funding and although communities tend to campaign to keep their local libraries within council control, in the end, with a choice or run it or lose it, many local groups are taking over the running and staffing of their libraries.

Having organised insurance cover for a number of community libraries, our team noticed some particular aspects of these organisations.

Community libraries tend to require a large number of volunteers, even to run a library that might be open for 20 hours per week.    Our product does not rate on the number of volunteers required and we also do not stipulate any security requirements, so if a volunteer leaves a door or window unlocked, it will not invalidate an insurance claim.

There is no limit on computer equipment, our library customers just state the total contents limit required and can rest assured that this will cover any electronic equipment they own or are responsible for.

Our experienced team are happy to read any requirements set out in a local authority service agreement to ensure that all of them are met.  At Ladbrook, we believe in personal service so this same adviser will be be assigned to your account to help with any future queries too.

We also include a wide range of cover in the basic package and the excess is just £100.  Contact us today if you are a community library and put our new product to the test.