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Church Risk Assessment & Health and Safety Guide

UK churches are a diverse group of organisations ranging from denominations which gather in rented premises, to grade one listed buildings where congregations have practised their faith for hundreds of years.

All churches though need to be conscious of the risks faced within their grounds.  Accidents can happen in church grounds, within their halls or within the church itself.  Not only could these accidents result in individual injury but they may disrupt church activities and even leave the church facing significant damages.

One of our specialist insurance partners, Ansvar, have produced an excellent Health and Safety Guide for Churches.  Indeed, Ansvar offer a discount on their insurance premiums for churches that can answer favourably their risk assessment questions.  Being a part of Ecclesiastical, Ansvar have a deep knowledge of insurance for church groups although at Ladbrook, we do work with other insurance providers and act entirely independent in sourcing church insurance for our customers.