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Grant Opportunity: Website Development

The Transform Foundation funding round to support charities wishing to develop their online assets.

The fund is well resourced with a total of £180,000 and individual awards of £18,000.  The grants support a full array of skills and work associated with developing sophisticated websites.  This is why typical fund awards are made to charities with incomes in excess of £350,000.

Only 10% of applications for this fund are ever considered.  This is largely to a concise but demanding eligibility criteria which include:

  • Their target of mid size (and smaller ambitious) charities
  • They are funding development, not the maintenance of existing assets of general IT funds or crucially, CRM projects which many charities seek support with
  • They seek to ensure that your organisation has the considerable human resources required to implement a project, it is not an opportunity therefore to purely outsource your charity website development.
  • The funding is only provided for sustainable projects.  Simple awareness campaigns are not supported, there has to be a solid return on investment.
  • They are favourable to groups that can co-support funding, making their funding go further and ensuring a commitment from the partner project

If you want to enquire about this charity website fund, you can read more on the Transform Foundation website.