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Fireworks Night and Diwali

We are approaching the time of year again where at Ladbrook, we become inundated with requests to organise insurance for events involving fireworks.  In 2017, Guy Fawkes night, 5th November, falls on a Sunday and the main date for Diwali is Thursday 19th October.

Lots of community groups will be using these opportunities to create events to gather the community together, celebrate and possibly raise funds too.

There are lots of considerations if you are planning an event where you are using fireworks.  So much so, that we created a fireworks event guide to stimulate some though about how to manage your event in a safe way.

Insurance is of course one aspect of your Diwali / Bonfire night plans and we would always advise groups to check whether they are already insured under an existing policy.  Many groups that have their own policies might find that either, the fireworks event is already covered or that for a modest sum, the existing policy will extend to include the event.  Of course, the key word here is check!  Do not assume that your existing cover will provide insurance for a fireworks event because it is a specific exclusion on many policies, even those created specifically for community groups.  If you want any advice on the subject, simply get in touch!

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