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Do We Need Public Liability Insurance for our Event?

Events are a vital tool for fundraising, awareness raising for a lot of non profit organisations.  When your community or voluntary group are organising an event, there are lots of things to think about.

This guide from the cabinet office gives some great guidance as to the sorts of things to think about and it poses the question, Do I need Public Liability Insurance for an event?

The answer to this question is almost certainly yes.  Any event carries a risk that a member of the public attending might injure themselves.  It is important to protect your community group from any claim made against them for injury or loss caused at an event you have put together.

Charity Event Insurance is not an expensive cover, particularly if you have already thought about and mitigated a lot of the risks.

A critical point is to consider the third parties that are coming to provide activities at the event.  You should ensure that each third party has their own liability insurance so that a claim made against an activity is made under the third party insurance policy.  Bouncy Castles are common at family days out and with such items, it is best to not just ensure the hiring company are insured but often advisable that they man it too.  If your group supervise the activity on the bouncy castle, then a claim could be made against your group.

Another popular activity at a family type event is face painting.  This is more likely to attract an amateur to conduct the activity but again it is not something without risk.  Paints might cause an allergic reaction on children and should be tested on an arm first.  Equally, parents or guardians should always be giving permission for their child to be painted.

Organising event insurance is fairly straightforward.  You can organise cover for a one off event or if you other insurance needs or are planning other events in the next year, you can organise an annual policy.

There is often a lot to think about when organising a charity event.  The question ‘Do I need Public Liability Insurance for an event?’ is best answered by giving us a call on the number above.

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