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Digital Skills for South Yorkshire Charities

Having an effective online presence is increasingly important for charities and community groups.  Whether it is the ability to gather an audience, communicate key messages and campaigns or as a fundraising tool, there is no doubt that the digital world has a role to play.

Ladbrook has learned that Google is coming to Sheffield bringing the Google Digital Garage, a series of free resources that your group might find useful.

When thinking about online opportunities, many charities and groups focus on fundraising.  It is true that your online presence can be used to raise funds and find long term supporters.  however, there are other considerations that you might want to think about.

If you are a group that is wanting to convey important messages, perhaps campaigning, your website and social media; you can use online platforms to deliver quality information.  There is no need to think of the online space as a one way flow either.  You can garner opinion and views back from the public that you might find useful.  For many local groups, this sort of interaction can help shape activities and the information can be invaluable.

The Google Digital Garage in Sheffield

Google are coming to South Yorkshire!  They are offering free tutorials on many aspects of online marketing, managing your website, using Google analytics, social media and more.  Many of the tutorials would suit voluntary groups building a website for the first time, they cover the basics such as getting listed on Google for the first time.  There is also the opportunity for a one hour consultation with one of their mentors.

Of course, these sessions and resources are supplied by Google and so there is a commercial interest.  However, for community groups across Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Yorkshire, these resources are being provided free of charge.

For more information: Digital Garage in Sheffield


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