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Community Library: CII Public Interest Award Prize Winner!

We are delighted to announce that last night, Ladbrook won ‘Best Customer Service Initiative’ at the prestigious Public Interest Awards in London for our work supporting UK libraries, in the face of local funding cuts. The awards were organised by the global financial professional body, the Chartered Insurance Institute.

The Public Interest Awards recognise insurance companies that have gone above and beyond to educate, inform and benefit buyers of insurance in the UK.  Ladbrook won the prize for designing an insurance product to help the hundreds of newly forming volunteer libraries, stepping in to continue local services where local authorities have discontinued them.

Tim Larden, Managing Director, said: “This award caps a hugely successful transitional year for Ladbrook and we are thrilled that our work in the charity sector has been recognised at these prestigious awards.

“The emergence of volunteer-run libraries is a significant trend.  In the face of closure, volunteer groups are stepping into the breach to keep these vital services running.  The UK is losing hundreds of libraries and many more are now being run by volunteers.

“Our product was a response to their needs.  While the funding crisis facing library services is out of their hands, we certainly want to support volunteers who, having lost their fight to keep their library running, decide to take over themselves.”

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