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Typical Risks

  • Lunch club insurance – Public liability and employers liability insurance for luncheon clubs
  • We can help satisfy the requirements of the premises manager for your lunch club
  • consider employers liability insurance for your lunch club to help protect your group against allegations made by volunteers

Luncheon Clubs

Across the UK, thousands of lunch clubs provide a highly valued service to local communities.  The opportunity for elderly people to come together and enjoy a nutritious meal provides a great social benefit to groups where loneliness is a real issue.

Of course, as with any voluntary group, while the risk of something going wrong is small, it is important to organise insurance cover.  Sometimes the facility being used will also insist on insurance cover being in place.

At Ladbrook, we have organised cover for hundreds of luncheon clubs, we are independent and will shop around to find the best insurance quote but making sure that the club is properly insured.  We are happy to discuss the covers that might be appropriate and provide advice and reassurance to your club.  We always provide an individual Account Handler for each and every client so you can deal with the same person each time you contact us.


Shelley Bacon

Account Handler

Luncheon Clubs provide a fantastic place for people to meet and we are happy to help any club needing to arrange insurance

Shelley Bacon, Account Handler

Customer Reviews

After several disappointing experiences with other brokers I found Ladbrook Insurance to be a breath of fresh air! Any queries I have had regarding my policy have been answered quickly and without any hassle.  The customer service is excellent. They have an extensive knowledge of their insurers and found me an excellent policy.  Thank you!

Samantha, Pass on Preloved Items

First class service from an agent who went above and beyond to source the perfect insurance for our charity, FASD Aware Northern Ireland.  Nothing was to much bother and someone was always on hand to answer any questions.  Thank you so much for all your help and for your kind and friendly service

Alison McNamara, FASD Aware NI

When we asked Ladbrook for a quote we had been looking for insurance cover for a month already with no luck.  As soon as we got in touch with Shelley and Tim we knew that they understood our sector better than anyone else. We felt that Ladbrook was genuinely interested to understand our work and to make sure that we had the right level of cover.  They also offered to review other insurance covers we had.  They worked on a very tight deadline and just before Christmas to secure cover for Micro Rainbow International.  It is the first time that we feel that our insurers actually care about protecting MRI’s important work for the community.  I am confident that this is the beginning of a long partnership.

Sebastian Rocco, Micro Rainbow International

Lunch Club Insurance

We have organised lunch club insurance for a wide range of volunteer groups.  Many were instructed to find insurance after the hiring facility manager, a community centre for example, told the club that cover was required before the group could use the facilities.

While claims are thankfully rare, incidents do occur and we are currently defending one lunch club against an allegation from a volunteer over an incident in which the volunteer was burned retrieving a hot tray from an oven.  Most clubs would never consider that  volunteer who bring such a claim but even in close knit groups, claims for damages can and are bought.

We would always recommend as a minimum public liability insurance for your lunch club and we would also suggest employers liability insurance is a must in case an allegation is made by a volunteer.  Although it sounds unusual, in the wording of most insurance contacts, volunteers are treated as employees.

If you would like any advice on aspects of your need for lunch club insurance, contact us today.