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Typical Risks

  • Theatre Insurance – We are experienced at working with a range of creative organisations and have organised cover for theatres, dance companies, performing arts groups, opera and many other non profit groups in the arts.
  • We understand the day to day activities and subsequent risks in the performing arts sector, whether your group is a small dance group or you run a large theatre premises
  • We can insure your portable and technical equipment

Theatre Insurance

Theatre insurance or insurance for any performing arts groups is an area in which we can offer expert and experienced advice.

We have organised insurance for theatres, shows and performing arts for over 15 years and can help you assess your need for employers or public liability insurance, buildings insurance and protection for any contents such as set, props, office equipment or technical or production equipment.

No matter what the scale of your performing arts organisation, whether you need a visit to assess your theatre insurance needs or if you just need some advice over the phone for a small dance or performing arts group, contact us today.


Marie Hallowes

Operations Director

I work with a number of performing arts groups, as well as sitting on a performing arts group myself!  I would be delighted to help any theatre or dance groups.

Marie Hallowes, Operations Director

Customer Reviews

We have trusted Ladbrook with our insurance for over a decade and that commitment alone should be testament to how satisfied we are with the service they provide. Ladbrook have always been flexible to our needs as our organisation has grown and are still the most competitive provider we have found. They are professional, friendly, and show a genuine interest in our work as a not for profit organisation. We don’t have plans to switch to another provider any time soon…

Steven Mundin (Senior Manager - Higher Rhythm Ltd)

From the first telephone call to my last enquiry I was impressed how knowledgeable “Shelley” was as she  guided me through the process of insuring us. She made sure that the policy was tailor made and found a very good quote. I had imagined that it would be so difficult, as a community group, to find any insurance that didn’t cost an absolute fortune! It was also important for us that we were properly insured and that our insurance could move around with us, enabling us to have cover for more than one project/event. I feel I have been listened to and advised properly and am sure we have the right policy for our needs.

Elizabeth Taylor, Latchford Arts and Music

Elizabeth Taylor

Theatre Insurance | Performing Arts Insurance

A full theatre insurance policy is a combined policy that blends a range of insurance covers.  It will include employers liability insurance and public liability insurance as standard but then will be built around the needs of your particular theatre.

The first priority will be assessing your need to insure your theatre buildings.  Some theatres have no need for this but other companies are based in substantial buildings that they own or are responsible for insuring and some of these properties might even be listed.

The other assets of the theatre will no doubt include usual theatre contents such props, stage equipment, costumes, set and possibly musical instruments.  Your theatre insurance will need to ensure these contents are fully insured as well as considering the office contents, computers, laptops and more.  Some of these contents might tour with the theatre group and this will need to be considered in your insurance arrangements.

One recurring question we answer is whether a volunteer constitutes an employee?  This is important to theatres of performance art groups that have volunteer crew members.  The answer to this is not always straight forward but for most insurance companies, theatre volunteers will be treated as employees and therefore employers liability insurance is very important.  We wrote a blog on whether volunteers are employees in the eyes of the law here.

It is also important for theatres that might handle cash, to consider the total money you might have on the premises or in transit at any time.  We will discuss this issue with you and make sure your theatre insurance product has adequate cover for this exposure.

If your theatre suffered a fire, how would you continue to pay the employees and meet your other costs?  Your building insurance would reinstate the property but that might leave it unusable for a long time.  Business interruption cover is designed to protect your income or pay for additional costs to keep you active, following another insured claim.  We would discuss this cover with you and help consider the consequences of the ‘worst happening’.

Travel insurance for theatres – We would normally organise travel insurance separately from your core theatre insurance product but if your theatre does have international travel planned, we can assist in organising appropriate protection for the group and the individuals touring.

Finally, you might want to consider a personal accident benefit for your theatre.  This benefit would pay a lump sum or a monthly fee to somebody that suffers an accident while undertaking theatre activities.