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Typical Risks

  • Dance Group Insurance – For community dance groups engaged in dance and performing arts
  • Dance Instructor Insurance – Insurance for individual dance teachers
  • Dance Studio Insurance – Cover for organisations with premises

Dance Group Insurance

Dance group insurance is an important consideration for any dance teacher or group organiser at a dance or performance group.

If you are teaching or organising dance or performance, there are a range of important risks that merit assessment.  These include allegations of unprofessional advice or training, a performer injuring themselves following inappropriate teaching or damage to premises or equipment.

We have helped a wide range of performing arts groups and so if you need advice on public liability insurance for your dance group or other aspects of your risk and insurance requirements, contact us today.


Marie Hallowes

Operations Director

We have arranged insurance for a myriad of performing arts groups, we would be delighted to help your organisation.

Marie Hallowes, Operations Director

Customer Reviews

I run a small non-profit community choir and for us to perform in most venues, we need public liability insurance.  This was all new to us but Chris at Ladbrook gave excellent advice and a great value policy that suits our needs perfectly, all done in a courteous and expedient manner.  I would highly recommend them.

Neil at Vinters Voices

We have trusted Ladbrook with our insurance for over a decade and that commitment alone should be testament to how satisfied we are with the service they provide. Ladbrook have always been flexible to our needs as our organisation has grown and are still the most competitive provider we have found. They are professional, friendly, and show a genuine interest in our work as a not for profit organisation. We don’t have plans to switch to another provider any time soon…

Steven, Higher Rhythm Ltd

From the first telephone call to my last enquiry I was impressed how knowledgeable “Shelley” was as she  guided me through the process of insuring us. She made sure that the policy was tailor made and found a very good quote. I had imagined that it would be so difficult, as a community group, to find any insurance that didn’t cost an absolute fortune! It was also important for us that we were properly insured and that our insurance could move around with us, enabling us to have cover for more than one project/event. I feel I have been listened to and advised properly and am sure we have the right policy for our needs.

Elizabeth Taylor, Latchford Arts and Music

Dance Group Insurance | Dance Teacher Insurance

We have arranged cover for many performing arts organisations and individuals.  If you need a simple public liability insurance policy as a dance teacher using hired premises or if you are a performing arts organisation with premises with broader risks, we have the experience to help you.

Ladbrook are entirely independent and we work with a number of providers that can supply dance group insurance.  These providers understand the risks that dance and performance groups face.

If as an individual or as an organisation, a student, or other member of the public injures themselves and believes that you are liable for their injury, then the protection of public liability insurance will help protect you from financial loss.  This risk effects all individuals or organisations involved in performing arts.

Even if you do not own the space in which you teach or organise dance, then public liability insurance is essential because you could still be the individual or organisation pursued if a student or a member of the public injures themselves during your activities.  Example claims might include tripping over matts or even injury caused by broken equipment.  We have also dealt with claims from performing arts groups of damaged property.  For example, an instructor breaking a laptop accidentally that belonged to the parent of a student.

If blame can be assigned to the dance group, then a compensation claim might follow.  In an increasingly litigious society, public liability insurance for dance teachers and groups is essential and common sense protection.

If you are operating in hired premises, you might also find that the premises owner requires this insurance to be in place before allowing you to use the facilities.

If you happen to own premises then of course the risks are far greater.  Your responsibilities now go beyond ensuring the immediate conditions for your activities were safe.  When your responsibilities are extended to all members of the public within the building, there is a lot more that can go wrong.

Of course, some claims might be without merit and your dance group public liability insurance cover will also pay for legal expenses to defend you or your group from claims.

If you employ staff or have volunteers working with your dance group, employers liability insurance is an essential part of your insurance protection.  Your duty of care as an organiser of dance lessons or dance group activities extends to the volunteers and staff engaged in providing the service.  If they injure themselves or their property is damaged as a result of your negligence, they could being a claim for compensation.

There is another aspect of dance group insurance that your organisation will need to consider and it revolves around advice.  Public liability insurance does not protect you from claims that are made as a result of professional advice.  The cover that is required to cover this gap is called professional indemnity insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Dance Groups or Instructors

This might seem an unusual topic to raise for dance instruction but some examples of what might construe advice could be useful.

If you are teaching students that are studying for exams such as the Royal Academy of Dance, consider what would happen if they sought compensation because they felt they were inadequately prepared for such exams, particularly blaming the quality of the dance tuition.

More common would be a situation where a dance student suffers an injury directly as a result of bad advice they feel they received from their dance instructor.  Here they might seek compensation from the injury and any subsequent loss of earnings.

Again, professional indemnity insurance for dance groups will cover the costs of legal defence fees and expenses so even if you were at no fault, your costs of proving so are met by insurance.