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Typical Risks

  • Community Libraries tend to be ‘volunteer intensive’, requiring a large number of members to maintain library opening hours – It is important to make sure that this is properly insured
  • Depending on how the community library structured legally and the relationship with the local authority, the management or trustee committee could find themselves personally financially liable in some situations
  • A small community library might have £30,000 of books and computers, the responsibility of insuring these may rest with the community library group or the local authority
  • From our experience in dealing with these organisations, we are able to recognise the needs of Community Managed Libraries and the associated risks that they may face. We are therefore equipped to advise accordingly on the insurance cover that they may need.
Community Library Insurance

With increasing cuts to local authority spending, many communities are facing the pressure on continued library services.

While many campaigning groups are able to keep their community libraries open and managed under council control, increasingly the model of a community group forming to run a library is the outcome.

At Ladbrook, we provide community library group insurance for a number of organisations across the UK. We understand the day to day risks the organisation faces. Large numbers of volunteers are often required which provide a level of exposure. The management committee may face personal financial liabilities depending on the legal structure of the group and many other considerations exist too.

The exact risk can depend on the groups relationship with the local authority. Who has responsibility for the buildings, the IT architecture and what compulsory insurances are the local authority insisting upon?


Shelley Bacon

Account Handler

I have read various reports showing the increasing transfer of Library services to be managed in the community.

I believe that Libraries are a valuable community service and understand that volunteers are vital in keeping these services open.

Shelley Bacon, Account Handler

Customer Reviews

“I must congratulate Ladbrook on their excellent service. The response to our needs has been energetic, thorough and above all of the highest professional standard.

Returning my calls, emails, queries has been exemplary.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ladbrook to whomever require their unique service”

Cllr. Allan Holland, Chairman, Water Orton Library and Community Centre Ltd