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Typical Risks

  • Public liability insurance for men in sheds groups is important to ensure that you are protected in case a service user makes a claim for an injury sustained at the group.  We also recommend Employer Liability cover to include liability to volunteers.
  • If your men in sheds group is operating in a third party premises, the public liability cover will also offer some protection if the property owner seeks compensation for damage made to the building
  • If you are producing goods such as wooden toys, we will make sure your Men’s Sheds Insurance includes products liability a necessity in this situation
  • Insurance for Men in Sheds assets should also be considered, tools, equipment and other assets can be protected

Mens Sheds Insurance

Men in Sheds Groups originated in Australia around ten years ago.  In the UK the theme was picked up by Age UK to provide facilities for older men who wanted to socialise and develop trade like skills in an informal environment.

While the groups are no longer a nationwide project, many hundreds of ‘Men in Sheds’ groups have sprung up across the UK, many of which are independently run.  Men in Sheds groups are popular but if you are organising such a group, Men’s Sheds Insurance should be an early consideration, particularly given the nature of some of the activities involved.

We have experience of working with a number of insurers and can provide Men’s Sheds Insurance to include public liability insurance irrespective of the age group and the mechanical machinery in use.  We have worked with Men’s Sheds who operate out of third party premises and groups that produce goods, such as wooden toys for local children.

Contact us to discuss your Men’s Shed Insurance needs and speak to one of our qualified Account Handlers, we would be delighted to offer our advice.


Marie Hallowes

Operations Director

Men in Sheds Groups are incredibly popular and springing up across the UK!  Some insurers have been a little nervous about the use of manual tools but we can help groups find suitable cover.

Marie Hallowes, Operations Director

Customer Reviews

I contacted Ladbrook at the eleventh hour with a request other insurers had either declined or had not been a position to give cover as we would like due to the complicated nature of our premises. Not only did Chris find me cover within my ridiculous deadline, but he gave us everything we needed at a price that was highly competitive. Chris kept me updated  throughout the process and was able to answer any questions I had. Top bloke Chris!!

Mark, The Nest

I run a small non-profit community choir and for us to perform in most venues, we need public liability insurance.  This was all new to us but Chris at Ladbrook gave excellent advice and a great value policy that suits our needs perfectly, all done in a courteous and expedient manner.  I would highly recommend them.

Neil at Vinters Voices

Ladbrook have provided us with an excellent standard of service now for several years and have always worked hard and gone the extra mile to ensure we ascertain quality coverage at good value. This has been absolutely invaluable to us as a social enterprise, and the voluntary and community sector is well served by those few companies like Ladbrook who really understand our area of work.

Jay, SilenceBreaker Media

Mens Sheds Insurance

Mens Sheds have become very popular in recent years in the UK and not all insurance companies are happy to provide cover for these groups.  We might speculate that part of their hesitation has been the risk of injury caused by the tools that are used in Mens Sheds Groups.

However, at Ladbrook, we are a broker and completely independent.  we work with a range of insurers that specialise in Community Group cover and we have a number of providers that will consider insurance for Men’s Sheds groups.

The main covers your group should consider are:

Public Liability – Most Men’s Sheds groups are taking place in hired premises

Product Libility – Many of the groups we insure are producing items like wooden toys for sale or donation, we can help advise around the risk of a claim made for injury following the supply of a defective item.

Employers Liability – This will help insure against injury to volunteers, most insurers treat volunteers as employees.

Assets – If your group has tools, stock or other assets, we can help insure them too.