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Typical Risks

  • Claims against the club regarding personal accidents to children, staff or volunteers with insurers that are experience in providing after school club insurance
  • Volunteers – ensuring that the organisation is protected in case a volunteer (or member of staff) seeks compensation following an injury
  • Assets – We can protect the groups assets and if necessary, buildings.

After School Club Insurance

Please note that we only provide cover for after school clubs that are:

  1. Registered with Ofsted
  2. Work in a non profit capacity

After School Club Insurance from Ladbrook.  We know that finding the most comprehensive and competitive insurance package for fledgling or long-standing out of school clubs (such as play-schemes, breakfast, after-school or holiday clubs) can be daunting.

You need to have a policy that covers a number of risks to your club. This not only includes essentials such as Public and Employer’s Liability insurance but also additional considerations such as damaged equipment suffered by the club or the loss or damage of personal clothing owned by staff, volunteers or children. Policies can be tailored to run with term times, holidays or throughout the calendar year.

We take delight in continuing to assist the out of school club community in arranging the most suitable insurance packages for their needs. Please contact a member of the Ladbrook Insurance team today for further information.


Tim Larden

Managing Director

The ever-growing pressures society, and in particular parents, put on professional child carers these days means it is vital that out of school clubs ensure their insurance is comprehensive and appropriate. At Ladbrook, we aim to make this process as pain-free as possible.

Tim Larden, Managing Director

Customer Reviews

As a small charity, excellent service is very important to us when choosing the right insurance policy for our organisation. Ladbrook Insurance have always been very helpful when guiding us with regard to the best insurance policy.  We have used them as our broker now for three years and will continue to do so.  Their staff always give us the best of attention at all times.

Chloe Palmer, Director, Trent Rivers Trust

After several disappointing experiences with other brokers I found Ladbrook Insurance to be a breath of fresh air! Any queries I have had regarding my policy have been answered quickly and without any hassle.  The customer service is excellent. They have an extensive knowledge of their insurers and found me an excellent policy.  Thank you!

Samantha, Pass on Preloved Items

First class service from an agent who went above and beyond to source the perfect insurance for our charity, FASD Aware Northern Ireland.  Nothing was to much bother and someone was always on hand to answer any questions.  Thank you so much for all your help and for your kind and friendly service

Alison McNamara, FASD Aware NI

Insurance for out of school clubs

The risks associated within the field of professional childcare, whether you are an individual or business, are well documented. The general rule in this area is ‘expect the unexpected’. Just because you have not been subject to a claim against your organisation, it does not mean one is not on the horizon.  We can help you organise after school club insurance for your group, we are independent and offer advice on the appropriate covers that you might need.

There should be equal onus on the club to ensure the public at large is provided a similar environment of care and respect. All bodies that deal with the public, not just those who deal with children, need appropriate Public Liability Insurance.

Irrespective of the level of professional service provided by the overwhelming majority of clubs in this sector, no level of risk analysis will prevent a mishap occurring, big or small.  Having a good after school club insurance policy is essential to protect children, volunteers and even trustees.

That said, assessing the risks associated with professional childcare, with the help of our expert team, will help you identify the extent and level of Public Liability Cover required. Furthermore, should you employ staff and/or volunteers you are legally obliged to take out Employers’ Liability Cover. Our team will ensure the appropriate level of cover is in place based on your circumstances.

In addition to the required elements of cover your organisation needs from a legal perspective, Ladbrook will assist you in establishing any hidden risks and therefore any other insurances that may need consideration. This can take many forms, such as:

  • Vehicle Insurance: if your group use a minibus you own to transport some or all of the children in your care to and/or from the venue.
  • Damage or loss to club equipment: if your club has a significant itinerary of items used as part of the activities that children under your supervision engage with it may be worth consider a insuring against damage or loss of this equipment due to theft, water damage, natural events and even accidental damage;
  • Personal clothing of children or staff/volunteers: accidents do happen and such policy extensions, depending on the club’s activities a sensible consideration.

Whether you are a small new group looking for After School Club Insurance or a larger group with a policy due for renewal, contact Ladbrook and put our experienced team to the test.