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Charity Insurance

At Ladbrook, we work with a diverse range of charity insurance customers with varying insurance needs.  Amongst our customers you will find voluntary groups, social enterprise and other non profit groups, as well as larger charities and co-operatives.  We would be delighted to help your organisation with your charity insurance requirements whatever your aims and goals.  However, we would also highlight the following sectors in which we feel we have a particular specialism.

Community Library Groups

We insure a large number of community library groups and have exclusive arrangements in place to offer tailor made products.

Other Community Groups

We have helped a wide variety of community groups.  We will listen to your needs and help you find a good solution to your insurance needs.

Charities in the Drug and Alcohol Support Sector

Amongst our clients we have a range of drug and alcohol non profit organisations from peer to peer support groups to full residential and outreach groups.

Greater Manchester Centre of Voluntary Organisations

We have worked with members of GMCVO for many years being ideally placed to provide on site advice for a range of charities across Manchester.

Insurance for Charity Shops

Whether you need to organise charity shop insurance as a one off policy or part of a wider charity policy, we can offer you advice.

Insurance for Animal Shelters

Insurance for animal shelters, sanctuaries, kennels and rescue services.  We can help you find appropriate cover.

Get a Quote for Your Charity

Click for a quote for your non profit organisation.  We are independent, third sector focussed and can advise on your insurance needs.