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Victor Insurance Profile

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Financial Profile


Until around the end of 2017, Bluefin Underwriting use Standard & Poors A+ rated insurer Aviva for their Charity Care product, with whom they have a long standing relationship.

Bluefin in 2018 became Victor Insurance and they launched their ‘Third Sector Secure’ and ‘Third Sector Express’ product with XL Catlin and Canopius.  Both insurers are A / A+ rated with Standard & Poor.

Victor Insurance Appetites

Victor Insurance have developed their Third Sector Secure product using their experience from the past 12 years to create a bespoke cover for the charity sector.

The Third Sector Secure product is for registered charities and not for profit organisations including religious/faith groups.

Their key appetites include:

  • Arts, culture, heritage and science.
  • Community Centre Insurance
  • Community development/assistance.
  • Environment or the improvement of:
    • scientific groups
    • groups promoting environmental issues
    • recycling
    • conservation societies.
  • Animal welfare/wildlife/animal shelters
  • Educational advancement.
  • Needy or disadvantaged support groups and family support centres.
  • Support drop-in day centres.
They Say....
John Setterfield, Head of Underwriting (Charities)

John Setterfield

Head of Underwriting (Charities)

Victor Insurance have traded with Ladbrook for over 10 years providing cover for a substantial number of Ladbrook clients over this period.

We have developed an excellent working relationship with Ladbrook staff thereby ensuring the needs of their clients are clearly met in the insurance solutions we jointly provide.

We look forward to working with Ladbrook over the coming years to continue to build upon the excellent foundations we have laid.

We Say....

Tim Larden

Managing Director

At Ladbrook, we have enjoyed a relationship with Bluefin Underwriting (formerly as Stuart Alexander) for over ten years.  As a leading charity insurance provider, we enjoy working with their expert underwriters and have sourced solutions for many of our clients with them.

Victor Insurance have a unique and specialist charity scheme backed primarily by XL Catlin and Canopius, who themselves have had a long term relationship with Bluefin Underwriting and subsequently, Victor Insurance.

Their depth of understanding means that they will consider a wide footprint of risks, including charities that work with animals, non profit organisations that work with vulnerable individuals and faith organisations.

More About Victor Insurance

You can find more information about Victor Insurance and their Third Sector Secure product here

Victor Insurance, Gail House, Lower Stone St, Maidstone ME15 6NB