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The Partnership

  • Through our partnership we will provide NOVA members with training sessions and white papers
  • We can provide support and advice on how insurance can play a role in your risk management activities
  • Face to face support – We will visit any NOVA member to support and advise on insurance matters

Nova and Ladbrook Partnership

The purpose of the NOVA and Ladbrook partnership is to educate, support and inform NOVA members to help improve risk management across the NOVA membership community.  Working together, Ladbrook and NOVA will produce helpful material and insight and make training available to members on a range of risk management and insurance subjects.

We will also offer our specialist charity insurance services to NOVA members.  We are obsessive about personal service, allocating an account handler to each client.  For NOVA members, we will always be available for face to face consultation (no matter how small your organisation) and we are entirely independent.


Alison Haskins

CEO, NOVA Wakefield District Limited
NOVA Wakefield

Tim Larden

Managing Director

Nova is pleased to be working in partnership with Ladbrook Insurance to provide expert information to our members about the risks they may face when running their organisations and delivering their activities.

Alison Haskins, CEO, NOVA Wakefield District Limited

We are delighted to work closely with NOVA and support their members in matters of risk and insurance.  We are happy to advise by phone or provide face to face consultation.

Tim Larden, Operations Director

Customer Reviews

As a community organisation with a unique straw-baled building on an Allotment site to insure we have struggled for many years to find a competitor to the only company that would insure us .

Earlier this year I attended a Nova Showcase event and among the exhibitors I noticed an Insurance company catering for the needs of the third sector and approached the gentleman manning the stand.  Ladbrook were very approachable and sympathetic to our situation and we agreed to meet up nearer the date of our renewal.

This we duly did, Ladbrook came, took pictures and got more background information . Some weeks later we received a very competitive quote with so much more cover than we had had previously.  The office staff I spoke to during communications were also very helpful and we therefore took up the insurance package offered.  An added bonus is that we are able to pay by monthly direct debit which greatly assists our cash flow.

I am pleased to recommend Ladbrook Insurance to other Community groups.

Eileen, Agbrigg and Belle Vue Community Association

In the past, our charity has found the process of obtaining an insurance policy to be full of technical industry detail that we struggle to fully understand.

Ladbrook took the time to explain the policy detail in ways that made it easy for us to be confident that we were fully covered. They also saved us money by getting us a great deal.

Dave, Lippy People

The Ladbrook and NOVA Partnership

The role of the NOVA and Ladbrook partnership is to educate, support and inform members to improve risk management across membership organisations.  Across the diverse NOVA membership, organisations face a range of risk issues, some long standing, some emerging and evolving.   These risks come in many guises, technological, supplier, natural or man-made disasters, funding and many other causes. Risk management concerns identify risks, preventing their occurrence, minimising their impact or helping an organisation recover quickly should they occur. Planning to be resilient in a turbulent third sector is vital.  For NOVA members that cannot make courses, Ladbrook will also produce a number of papers throughout the year on risk management issues.  Subjects might include, Safeguarding and Insurance, Legal Structures and the Liabilities of Management Committees, Volunteers, Health and Safety Law and Civil Actions, Risk Issues in Devolving Community Assets and Fundraising Events – Protecting your Charity.

Ladbrook will run a ‘Risk Management’ course during the year, helping to raise the knowledge of members in how to assess, remove or mitigate risks to their organisations.

Ladbrook have committed to visit any charity or voluntary group, irrespective of size, if that group prefers some face to face on-site advice. Ladbrook will attend either at the members premises or at the NOVA office on Upper York Street.  Ladbrook also support NOVA through attending conferences, sponsorship at the AGM and through social media channels.