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Ansvar Insurance Profile

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Financial Profile


Ansvar is a business division of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group whose financial information can be found here.

The following table is a reflection of the Ecclesiastical latest Financial Strength indicators from key agencies:


Agency Financial strength Last update Outlook
S&P A- May 2015 Stable
AM Best A February 2015 Stable
Ansvar Appetites
  • Charities with property

  • Charities that offer advice or professional services

  • Community Asset Transfers

  • Community Libraries

  • They Say....

    Richard Lane

    Chief Executive, Ansvar Insurance

    Ansvar have been working with Ladbrook for over 15 years and have built a great relationship founded on shared ethical values and a passion for the Charity, Community and Not-for-Profit organisations within society.

    Their knowledge of the needs and aspirations of their customers has enabled us to tailor our insurance quotes and policies and charge the best possible price for them. But it’s not all about price. Ladbrook’s work with their customers to manage the “risks” they face on a daily basis to minimise accidents and incidents. This not only helps their customers to be safe, but helps them to maintain a high reputation when it comes to employing staff and recruiting volunteers.

    We are proud to work with Ladbrook and those who make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

    We Say....

    Tim Larden

    Managing Director

    Ansvar supported Ladbrook from the very outset.  In the year 2000, when Ladbrook was founded, Ansvar keen to provide support and expertise from the outset.

    Ansvar are a charity specialist and that becomes evident when we are dealing with one of the underwriting team or a claims specialist.  They understand the broad activities and risks in the third sector.

    Although Ansvar might not be a ‘UK household name’, within the third sector, Ansvar credentials are exceptional.  They work to a strong ethical policy which includes supporting their staff making charitable donations and providing financial support for a number of charities.  In fact, Ansvar, being a division of Ecclesiastical, are ultimately owned by a charity.

    Our personal experience of the Ansvar claims service is very strong too.  Ansvar quickly built their position as Ladbrook’s largest insurance partner, it is as true today as it was over a decade ago.

    Overall, Ansvar are true charity specialists, their culture reflects the sector that they work in and their attitude towards service is strong.  This blend of attributes is why they are critical insurer partners for us.

    Ethical Policy

    Ansvar are very committed to both an ethical and green policy within the organisation.

    As well as being generous contributors to many charities, including ADFAM, CORAM, Be Your Best Foundation and others, Ansvar offer a matched donation scheme for their employees.

    Their green credentials have led them to take the following actions

    • Solar Panel Installation
    • Energy Saving Light Bulbs
    • PIR Light Sensors Fitted
    • Cistermister Toilet Water Reduction
    • A Recycling Policy to include paper, drinking cups, toner cartridges, cardboard, plastic bottles and tin cans

    Ansvar won the 2015 Charity Times Better Society Award for ‘Insurance Company of the Year’

    More About Ansvar

    Ansvar have produced a useful pdf guide as to why they are a good choice as a charity insurance specialist.

    Read more about Ansvar here

    Why Choose Ansvar

    Ansvar House, 31 St. Leonards Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 3UR