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Charity Fraud Awareness Week

It is Charity Fraud Awareness Week.  the week, arranged and promoted by the Fraud Advisory Panel.

The purpose of the week is to promote the issues around fraud in charities, raising awareness and supporting charities to become more resilient to fraudulent activity. The initiative is being widely supported by bodies such as the Charity Commission, Charity Finance Group and the Institute of Fundraising.

We have seen many charities suffer from fraud, sometimes internal and sometimes external.  This week, Charity Times published a Charity Commission press release with a top five checklist to help avoid fraud.

To summarise;

1. Keep your virus protection up to date!

2. Be ultra careful opening attachments, fraudsters are good at masking who a message is from.

3. Keep your software up to date too.

4. Make sure you have anti-spyware software.

5. Back up your hard drives and servers.

We would also recommend a staff training programme, highlighting how external fraudsters will try to elicit the information they need.

Your charity or group might be at risk if you have provided critical information to fraudsters.  Your bank is unlikely to offer you protection from this crime if passwords and codes have been exposed.

Fidelity insurance can provide some protection from internal fraud and if you want to discuss insurance options for your group, please get in touch.

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