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Animal Shelters, Sanctuaries and Rehoming

At Ladbrook, we have helped a wide range of animal support charities with their insurances.  We work with organisations that range from full scale animal sanctuaries and city farms, all the way down to rehoming charities that might be run by a handful of dedicated volunteers.

We are never too surprised by the sheer breadth of animals that are supported by our clients.  Of course, dogs and cat animal charities form most of the enquiries we receive but we get some more unique groups contact us too.  In the last three months alone, we have helped a donkey sanctuary, a hedgehog rescue charity, an owl support group and even a shelter for sheep!

Animal charities face unique insurance challenges.  Many insurers are put off by the unpredictability of animals, if an animal caused an injury to a volunteer, there is a risk that a claim for damages might be bought against the charity.  Unfortunately, litigation is more common in our society.  It is important for any group working with animals to conduct risk assessments around their activities.  This should certainly consider direct injury from the animals themselves (dog bites or donkey kicks) as well as the risk of disease.

Most groups working with animals are passionate causes for the management involved.  As such, they also tend to be very experienced in handling the animals they are helping.

If your group needs advice on their animal charity insurance, contact one of our experience team for advice on the covers we can arrange for you.