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Typical Risks

  • Bonfire Night Insurance – We can help with the insurance requirements for your occassion
  • Firework Event Insurance – If your community event includes a fireworks display, we can help you ensure that the organisers are properly insured
  • Fireworks Display Insurance – If you are planning on firing the fireworks yourself we can still organise appropriate public liability insurance and discuss the liability towards your volunteers too
  • Diwali Fireworks – If you require cover for a Diwali fireworks event, we can help you with that too.

Firework Event Insurance

Bonfire night events come in different shapes and sizes but all require adequate insurance to protect the organising group.

Whether you are bringing in a professional display company or running the fireworks yourself, appropriate steps should be taken to protect your community group, club or church.

We have organised bonfire night insurance for small events and for gatherings of thousands of people and because we are able to provide you with advice, can help you understand the risks of your particular event.  Contact us to discuss your firework event insurance needs and let our advisers help with this important part of your planning.


Thomas Jepson

Account Handler

A well organised bonfire night event is a fantastic family occasion, we can help make sure the organisers have suitable firework event insurance in place to include the fireworks display and any other aspects of your event, such as the bonfire and bar!

Thomas Jepson

Customer Reviews

Doodleaid would like to thank Ladbrook for their service, professionalism, speed of service and friendliness.  All staff were very helpful and we would have no hesitation in recommending Ladbrook.

Bev, Doodleaid

Very many thanks for getting the paperwork back to us today.

Sylvia also asked that I send the thanks and appreciation of everyone connected with Mental Health Aberdeen, for the skillful negotiations you have demonstrated – as evidenced by the affordability of our new policy. We shall certainly be recommending your brokerage, but especially the efficiency and friendliness of your team, to other charitable organisations in our area.

I hope you have a great weekend and once again, thank you all so very much.

Bea, Mental Health Aberdeen

We have just finalised our 7th annual insurance renewal through Ladbrook Insurance and are very happy with the service received. The Account Handlers have always striven to offer competitive quotes and answered any queries or given further explanations by email or phone as appropriate and we have found this personal touch not only professional but also very reassuring


Bonfire Night Insurance | Firework Event Insurance

If your community group is planning a bonfire night / fireworks event, there are a lot of considerations.  The success for any such event is always in the planning and preparations.  Follow the link below to a brief guide for preparing for a bonfire or fireworks event.  We have helped many groups organise firework event insurance either for a single one off event or as part of a wider annual policy.

It is not a comprehensive guide but should provide some stimulation for your management committee if you are thinking of setting up such an event.

Firework event insurance can be provided either as a stand alone insurance policy for a single event or can be included in an annual policy.  If you already have an annual policy, contact your existing insurance provider and see if they can provide insurance for your bonfire night / firework event.

At Ladbrook we have helped many groups organise cover, including for Diwali Firework celebrations.

Can I organise public liability insurance for our own fireworks and bonfire display?

Fireworks event insurance is easier to arrange if there is a professional contractor employed to conduct the fireworks display.  If your group need fireworks display insurance and are planning on firing the display yourself, we have experience to help you arrange suitable public liability insurance for your firework display.

If you need to organise public liability insurance for a fireworks or bonfire night event, there will be some things that an insurance company will insist on.  You will likely need to make a declaration based upon safety considerations.  Use the application form above or contact us for any help of advice on your bonfire night insurance requirements.

Preparation Considerations for Bonfire Night Events

Check if you are already insured?

Some organisations will already be insured for a fireworks event.  We would always advise an organisation to check with any existing insurance policy and see if their fireworks event insurance needs are already met by their cover.  sometimes an insurer might charge a small amount of additional premium to cover the event but this is normally cheaper than organising a separate fireworks event insurance policy.

In the past, we have been aware that rotary Clubs, Churches, Scout Groups and other community groups have had some cover provided by their umbrella group.  We cannot vouch that this is still the case and we would urge groups to check with their current provider.