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Typical Risks

  • It is essential to protect the members of the tenants and residents association from your financial liabilities
  • Risk exposures for residents associations may include regulatory issues, financial failure or health and safety challenges.
  • As an insurance broker specialising in non-profit organisations, we can provide low cost residents association insurance for your group

Residents Association Insurance

Residents Association Insurance is essential for the thousands of voluntary groups representing tenants and residents across the UK.

Acting cooperatively to maintain property standards and playing a proactive role in optimising the conditions in your area is a valuable service.  Protecting the residents association and the officers of it with appropriate insurance is a sensible step, allowing your group to focus on the property issues you would like addressed.


Marie Hallowes

Operations Director

Tenants and Residents Associations need to consider appropriate insurance protection for the group and the individual officers.

Marie Hallowes, Operations Director

Customer Reviews

Doodleaid would like to thank Ladbrook for their service, professionalism, speed of service and friendliness.  All staff were very helpful and we would have no hesitation in recommending Ladbrook.

Bev, Doodleaid

Very many thanks for getting the paperwork back to us today.

Sylvia also asked that I send the thanks and appreciation of everyone connected with Mental Health Aberdeen, for the skillful negotiations you have demonstrated – as evidenced by the affordability of our new policy. We shall certainly be recommending your brokerage, but especially the efficiency and friendliness of your team, to other charitable organisations in our area.

I hope you have a great weekend and once again, thank you all so very much.

Bea, Mental Health Aberdeen

We have just finalised our 7th annual insurance renewal through Ladbrook Insurance and are very happy with the service received. The Account Handlers have always striven to offer competitive quotes and answered any queries or given further explanations by email or phone as appropriate and we have found this personal touch not only professional but also very reassuring


Tenants and Residents Association Insurance

Residents association insurances have some critical facets which your management committee should consider.

Firstly, in the activities of the group itself, it is worth considering public liability insurance for resident association activities.  If your group organises social events such as barbecues, there is a risk that a member of the public is injured and seeks financial compensation from the group.

Of course, this would be an unfortunate and rare event and insurance for tenants and residents associations are normally very modest, unless the sheer size of the group, or the activities of the association are unusual.

AS well as the liability aspect of the groups activities, as important are the personal exposures that come with running such a group.  If you are one of the many people who generously donate their time to a tenants and residents association, you may be conscious of the potential exposures these responsibilities have for you.  These responsibilities apply if you are descried either as a committee member, trustee, officer or director.

Trustee indemnity for residents associations is an insurance cover that can provide some financial protection for your group.   It could help protect the group and the individual members in the event of a wrongful act (or alleged act) or omission by any individual member of the management committee, to the committee as a whole.


Contact us today to discuss your resident association insurance needs and we can discuss the relevance of the covers available to your group.