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Typical Risks

  • For small food bank organisations working from third party premises, to larger community food banks needing to insure buildings too
  • We understand the day to day activities and subsequent risks that food banks face
  • Our specialist charity insurers can look to include cover for fundraising activities and events your food bank engages in

Food Bank Insurance

Food banks have been one of the fastest emerging types of community organsiations in the UK.

Springing up to support low income families and fuelled by clients dealing with benefit delays or cuts, there has been a huge increase in people who are referred for emergency food.

One of the major costs of running a local food bank is insurance and that is where Ladbrook can help.  We are independent and can source food bank insurance policies from our panel of leading third sector providers.


Shelley Bacon

Account Handler

Food banks are serving a vital community need, I will be delighted to advise any on your insurance needs and help keep costs to a minimum.

Shelley Bacon, Account Handler

Customer Reviews

Doodleaid would like to thank Ladbrook for their service, professionalism, speed of service and friendliness.  All staff were very helpful and we would have no hesitation in recommending Ladbrook.

Bev, Doodleaid

Very many thanks for getting the paperwork back to us today.

Sylvia also asked that I send the thanks and appreciation of everyone connected with Mental Health Aberdeen, for the skillful negotiations you have demonstrated – as evidenced by the affordability of our new policy. We shall certainly be recommending your brokerage, but especially the efficiency and friendliness of your team, to other charitable organisations in our area.

I hope you have a great weekend and once again, thank you all so very much.

Bea, Mental Health Aberdeen

We have just finalised our 7th annual insurance renewal through Ladbrook Insurance and are very happy with the service received. The Account Handlers have always striven to offer competitive quotes and answered any queries or given further explanations by email or phone as appropriate and we have found this personal touch not only professional but also very reassuring


Food Bank Insurance

At Ladbrook we have helped a number of independent food banks acquire appropriate insurance for their risks.

Many of our clients operate from church premises but some larger food banks, operating in areas with many service users have acquired their own premises specifically for the purpose of distributing emergency food.

Food banks have the need for different types of insurance based on their operations and scale.

The processing of foodstuffs and liaison with professionals in the care sector to provide food parcels in three day supplies is the common activity of all food banks.

Within this activity, clearly food bank volunteers are meeting service users and members of the public.  If an injury to these service users or the public resulted in an allegation made that it was the fault of the food bank, then a claim for compensation could be bought against the food bank itself.  Public liability insurance will protect the organisation against this eventuality.

Food banks do not intentionally supply food that is not ‘in date’ but there is a risk that unintentionally, such foodstuffs are supplied.  In this eventuality, the right products liability insurance needs to be in place to protect the food bank for any subsequent claim.

Food banks can also be engaged in fundraising activities, whether it be coffee mornings, supermarket collections or organising events.  It is clearly vital that the insurance policy extends to cover these activities.

Some food bank charities are engaged in wider community support work.  If your food bank is providing support for job seekers or help with benefit claims, then it is important to consider professional indemnity insurance.  Public liability insurance specifically excludes losses as a result of ‘professional advice’, professional indemnity extends cover to protect the organisation for this.

Most food banks operate out of a third party premises but those that are large enough to run their own site require buildings insurance as a key part of their food bank insurance policy.