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Typical Risks

  • Public Liability Insurance for Play Out Groups – This covers liability for injury or property damage to members of the public.  this could be residents, children, the local authority or other members of the public.
  • Employer Liability – We would recommend that playing out groups consider this cover as volunteers are nearly always classed as employees, not members of the public.
  • Council Demands? We often find that local authorities wish for £5,000,000 of cover in place for them to authorise a street closure.  We can help make sure you meet any demands imposed.  However, we will discuss this with you as we do not want you to pay more than you need to for your play out insurance.

Street Play Insurance

When parents group together to create a playing out group, the aim is simple – Reclaim the streets for children.  However, insurance is a consideration for playing out groups.

At Ladbrook, we have helped many groups meet the demands of a local authority or provide protection for the public and volunteers.  If you are looking for insurance for a playing out group, get in touch with us today.

We understand that any costs that a Playing Out Group incurs need to be met by donations and will work with you to find the most cost effective solution we can.


Marie Hallowes

Operations Director

We have seen a rise in playing out groups – Kids reclaiming the streets is a great idea!  We would advise on taking insurance advice though and the council might insist on cover if you are putting in place a road closure.  We can help your group with play out insurance needs.

Marie Hallowes, Operations Director

Customer Reviews

Doodleaid would like to thank Ladbrook for their service, professionalism, speed of service and friendliness.  All staff were very helpful and we would have no hesitation in recommending Ladbrook.

Bev, Doodleaid

Very many thanks for getting the paperwork back to us today.

Sylvia also asked that I send the thanks and appreciation of everyone connected with Mental Health Aberdeen, for the skillful negotiations you have demonstrated – as evidenced by the affordability of our new policy. We shall certainly be recommending your brokerage, but especially the efficiency and friendliness of your team, to other charitable organisations in our area.

I hope you have a great weekend and once again, thank you all so very much.

Bea, Mental Health Aberdeen

We have just finalised our 7th annual insurance renewal through Ladbrook Insurance and are very happy with the service received. The Account Handlers have always striven to offer competitive quotes and answered any queries or given further explanations by email or phone as appropriate and we have found this personal touch not only professional but also very reassuring


Play Out Insurance

We have organised insurance for may playing out groups and at Ladbrook, we think they are a wonderful idea.

It is very healthy for children to play out, there are great social values to be learned.  To do so while the street is closed changes the environment and makes for a fantastic bit of fun.

Particularly in city centre environments, the opportunities to play out can be limited.  What an opportunity to meet the neighbours too!

Insurance and Risk for Playing Out Groups

While playing out groups represent a fairly safe environment, some things could go wrong.

If a neighbour made an allegation of damage to property and specifically took action against the group, you would be glad of public liability insurance.

If a child was injured, it is unlikely that the group would be blamed as play is supervised in most cases.  If you plan on unsupervised play, make sure your insurer is aware as this could increase the risk considerably.  We would advisel your group not to take responsibility for supervision in your playing out group.

Often the council will ask your group to provide insurance as part of the road closure.  these requests might be for £5,000,000 of cover.  Discuss any insurance demands placed upon you and we will make sure you can meet them.

Single Session / Multi Session

Economically, insurance for a single playing out session is going to be relatively expensive.  Playing out groups tend to be at the lower end of the insurance premium scale and sometimes at the minimum premium level.  At that level, it is clearly more economic if an annual policy might cover, for example, ten play out sessions in the year.

If you are looking for play out insurance, contact us today and see if we can support you.