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Typical Risks

  • Public Liability Insurance – To protect the organisation in case a claim is bought by a member of the public for injury or from a property owner for damage to their building.
  • Employer Liability Insurance – Community garden groups rarely have employees! However, many insurers (not all) will consider your volunteers as employees, meaning that this insurance is very important.
  • Assets – Tools, machinery, sheds, polytunnels – We have helped many community garden groups protect their assets.

Community Garden Insurance

More and more communities are reclaiming space and putting it to good use, whether it be improving the appearance of a neighbourhood or growing produce.  Community gardening is hugely popular and gives a great opportunity for local people to socialise too.

Community Garden Insurance is an important consideration for such groups.  While accidents are thankfully rare, you will want to consider the risks to volunteers, the management committee and public property.

Community Garden Insurance is generally inexpensive and as an independent broker we can advise you on appropriate cover and approach our range of insurers that specialise in helping voluntary organisations.


Marie Hallowes

Operations Director

Community gardening has become increasingly popular, we will always talk through the groups activities and make sure that only the cover that is needed is arranged.

Marie Hallowes, Operations Director

Customer Reviews

Doodleaid would like to thank Ladbrook for their service, professionalism, speed of service and friendliness.  All staff were very helpful and we would have no hesitation in recommending Ladbrook.

Bev, Doodleaid

Very many thanks for getting the paperwork back to us today.

Sylvia also asked that I send the thanks and appreciation of everyone connected with Mental Health Aberdeen, for the skillful negotiations you have demonstrated – as evidenced by the affordability of our new policy. We shall certainly be recommending your brokerage, but especially the efficiency and friendliness of your team, to other charitable organisations in our area.

I hope you have a great weekend and once again, thank you all so very much.

Bea, Mental Health Aberdeen

We have just finalised our 7th annual insurance renewal through Ladbrook Insurance and are very happy with the service received. The Account Handlers have always striven to offer competitive quotes and answered any queries or given further explanations by email or phone as appropriate and we have found this personal touch not only professional but also very reassuring


Community Garden Insurance

Does my Community Garden Group need Public Liability Insurance?

Almost certainly you do.  Often if you are operating on local authority land, the authority may insist on £5,000,000 of public liability insurance for your group.  Damage to a third parties property (such as a building) is one risk but equally, injury to a member of the public is also something to consider.

As an example of a real claim from a Ladbrook client, a member of the group digging on a verge, struck a cable and the reparation to BT ran to several thousand pounds.

Are gardening volunteers insured under  public liability?

Not normally, no.  It is rare that an insurer will extend their public liability to include volunteers of a community gardening group.  Normally, you will need to organise employers liability cover.

Can we cover Sheds / Containers etc and their contents?

Absolutely.  Unfortunately, theft from sheds and containers is not at all unusual for community garden groups, often they are out of sight in the evening and poorly lit.  Thieves are also attracted by the possibility of stealing petrol driven machinery which can be resold fairly easily.  If shared tools and machinery for your group are stored in such a way, you would want to consider insuring all the assets, including the shed and the tools.

We use Power Driven Machinery, can we be insured?

In short, yes.  We insure groups who use equipment such as chainsaws and other potentially dangerous machines and tools.  as a broker, our approach will be to discuss your activities with the range of insurers that we know offer low cost community garden insurance and ensure that they are fully aware of all of your activities.

We sell produce, is this activity insured?

We can certainly arrange insurance for community garden groups that are selling produce.  For many groups it is a valuable fundraising activity and one that raises the profile of the group in the community.

We have organised insurance for community orchards who may sell their fruit to support the group and to highlight their activities.

What is the range of organisations you insure?

As well as community gardens, we have arranged cover for community woodland (including those groups involved in some tree maintenance, lopping etc), Men’s Sheds, community orchard insurance and other groups involved in maintaining and preserving grounds.

Do you insure litter picking activities?

Yes, we have arranged cover for groups involved in a single pick or included these activities in a wider community garden insurance policy.  we have also written a guide for safe litter picking to help keep groups that pick litter.